We are delighted to offer piano lessons in Langley for beginner and advanced pianists. Our desire is to help piano students ages five to adult develop their musical skills and craft.

What’s the benefit of playing the piano? Playing the piano can become a productive outlet, a place for creative expression, an amazing skill, and a fun hobby. Becoming proficient involves converting music sheets into tangible sounds and developing your ability to identify chords and scales. Recent studies show that the piano affects child development, cognition, and creativity. Heritage Music instructors offer foundational and advanced lessons to guide Langley and area students to evolve in their piano playing skills.

Are you looking to enroll yourself or your child in piano lessons? Here are some benefits that learning the piano provides.

1. Enhances Physical Capacity

Aside from your fingers, the piano is an instrument that does not require much movement. However, regular playing can sharpen fine motor skills and better hand-eye coordination in young people. Pianists need to read sheet music while playing, which requires balance and focus. For adults or older students, regular playing increases Human Growth (HGH)—this helps maintain and repair healthy tissues in your brain and other organs.

In addition to the physical enhancements, increased exposure to music results in reduced heart and respiratory rates, less heart complications, and improved immune response.

2. Boosts Cognition and Intelligence

Did you piano players’ brains are more powerful than the average person’s? Piano players usually have higher IQ scores than non-musicians and an overwhelming amount of evidence to support this claim. Neuroscientists have found that playing music is equivalent to a full-body workout for the brain as many areas of the brain are used simultaneously. Playing the piano uses the motor, visual, and auditory cortices.

Starting at a young age increases the many benefits. Regular practice can change the structure of your brain, making it more efficient in and outside musical experiences. Playing the piano strengthens the spatial-temporal ability relied on in math, science, and engineering.

This isn’t limited to pianos. Playing music increases brain activity and function, which helps musicians problem-solve more effectively outside of musical settings.

Whether practicing alone or enrolling in music school, playing the piano can help prevent memory loss, cognitive decline, and degenerative brain diseases. Although these functions tend to slow down naturally with age, continually playing music can slow down the process. Studies prove that early introduction to piano lessons can improve language skills and communication in children.

3. Improve psychological health

While piano lessons have been cited for promoting brain plasticity and preventing brain decline, they also hold the power to improve psychological health. Those with music experience reportedly are less anxious, lonely, and depressed.

As an outlet for stress, piano students may also be calmer and more relaxed compared to their non-musician counterparts.

It can also lead to self-confidence. As you or your child take part in piano lessons in Langley, you may choose to participate in performances, which improve social confidence. As a result, it is normal for pianists to feel more comfortable and calm under pressure and in certain social contexts.

4. Fosters discipline

Teaching energetic children at a young age can prove a challenge, particularly those with ADHD or other attention deficiencies. In learning to play, however, pianists can also build and exercise patience. Sitting down for a few hours or trying to learn a specific song is delayed gratification with immense rewards.

Patience is a skill and piano lessons can hone it. Over time, the energy they put into piano can leak into the rest of their life, creating structure, hard work, and discipline.

5. Learning a Skill

Ultimately, playing the piano is a skill. It takes dedication and hard work to learn and refine the skill, but it is incredibly rewarding and worthwhile. You’ll remember the moments when you play your favourite song perfectly or perform in front of an awe-struck crowd.

Thinking about taking piano lessons in Langley?

Our expert instructors are trained to guide students on the path to creativity and mastery. Through independent learning and development, piano students will further their proficiency in the instrument with the guidance of a reputable music school.

At Heritage Music School, Surrey or Langley piano teachers, students, and families are discovering that learning the piano enriches lives. Contact us at our Surrey or Langley music schools today with any questions you have about lessons, fees, and schedules, or for a free music assessment.