Looking for something for the kids to do this summer or an extracurricular activity to keep them busy in the fall and winter? Why Not Music Lessons? You don’t need to look outside of Surrey, BC to discover a great place for your kids to learn and love music. Heritage Music School offers lessons in a variety of instruments: piano, voice, violin and guitar and can help the budding musician in your house find their groove.

There are so many reasons to get your kids into music with “fame and fortune” being way down the list. Music lessons are a great way to teach discipline, improve listening skills as well as motor skills and coordination, and help your child develop self-confidence. Acquiring musical knowledge also makes a difference in overall intellectual development and may even improve your child’s academic performance.

The teachers at Heritage Music School in Surrey are fully qualified to assess each student that comes through the doors and can offer advice on specific skills that need to be worked on. Whether your child is a fan of pop, rock, jazz or classical music, our university-trained instructors will start them off in the right direction, first teaching the basics such as scales, music theory, rhythm, and reading. Once they’ve mastered the basics, they will be introduced to a variety of genres and styles.

During the first visit the teacher will not just do a standard assessment, and discover the best method to work with each student’s individual learning needs. Just like in other academic disciplines, students tend to learn at different paces and require different methods to help them best understand a way to complete a task and be able to comprehend the material. Music lessons are no different.

Some parents may ask, “Aren’t lessons taught at home better than lessons taught in a classroom setting”. Our answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no. In our experience, many students thrive when they are placed in an environment, tailored specifically for teaching. Often the familiarity of home, results in unwanted distraction, and even boredom, while ‘going for lessons’ provides the opportunity to interact with others and “get down to business”. As students become confident and more relaxed in our facilities at Heritage Music School their self-confidence will grow and they will excel. For piano students specifically, the novelty of playing a well-tuned and maintained instrument can be inspiring. It can also remove the stress and additional cost that comes with keeping your piano concert shape.

Our piano, guitar, violin and voice lessons aren’t just for the beginner. We can also help those who have the basic skills to further enhance their abilities. As with anything in life, there is always something new to be learned and something that a every student can do to build on what they already know. Drop into our Surrey studio and discover the music school next door.

What We Offer:

  • University trained teachers
  • Convenient and safe location
  • Year Round Classes – start any time
  • No registration fees
  • Optional RCM exams
  • Two recitals per year held at Blue Frog Studios
  • Simultaneous lessons for siblings