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Surrey Piano Lessons: 6 Ways to Enrich Your Life With Music Skills

We are pleased to offer piano lessons in Surrey, from beginner to advanced lessons. Our aim is to help piano students ages five to adult to develop well-rounded musicianship.

What’s involved in becoming a proficient piano player? Transforming notes on a page into a beautiful sound from the piano involves creating a solid foundation of physical development, including scales and chords. Heritage Music’s instructors also guide Surrey and area students in listening carefully to their own music, developing critical listening skills. This contributes to successful self-assessment and deeper appreciation of music.

There are many reasons for children and adults to learn to play the piano. Here are just five to consider.

1. Play the Songs you love to listen to.

You can play the songs you love to listen to: whether your favourite style is classical or rock and roll, country or jazz. Everybody loves music! Think of those great songs you listen to on your MP3 player. They’re that much more enjoyable when you play them at home on your piano. Listen to it, then express it — hands on –your way.

2. Boost brain power.

We know you’re smart already or you wouldn’t be reading this. But studies show that learning to play music — especially the piano – can improve your IQ. Positive changes in the brains of piano students show up even after age 65.

3. Improve physical coordination.

Interactive lessons improve a piano student’s dexterity, especially hand-eye coordination since the hands and fingers must work independently. In time, the foot becomes involved when piano pedals are introduced. Children especially benefit from the fine motor skill development afforded by piano lessons.

4. Increase your self-discipline.

Children who take piano lessons exhibit more self-discipline and generally do better in school than their non-musical peers. And the proven boost in brain function certainly can’t hurt an adult’s overall self-discipline, either.

5. Build self-confidence.

At Heritage Music, we guide our piano students in building musical literacy that leads to self-confidence self-confidence in playing a wide range of styles and genres. We teach every style of piano.

6. It’s fun.

The most important reason to take piano lessons? It’s fun. Playing the piano will bring you countless hours of enjoyment for the rest of your life. What can be better than that? You won’t likely become a star, you’ll have the opportunity to perform before others in a more formal recital setting, or simply at home in front of your friends and family. They’re the best fan club you can ask for. The hardest work is at the beginning. We’ve been there! But we’ll help you stick with it.

Our university-trained instructors encourage students on a path of increased creativity and the mastery and refinement of skill. Over time, this leads to independent learning and development. For many piano students, the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum offers a further opportunity to excel. Our teachers are proficient at instructing students in this well-established and reputable method.

At Heritage Music School, Surrey piano teachers, students and families are discovering that learning the piano enriches lives. Contact us at our Surrey or Langley music schools today with any questions you have about lessons, fees and schedules, or for a free music assessment.

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